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The FreeLove Circus Show is a dynamic combination of clowns, dancers, and jugglers
accompanied by live music.  Our 30-60 minute performance is a fun-filled event for all ages. Don’t miss sidesplitting comedy that will leave you in stitches!!

The FreeLove Circus offers a variety of unique performances that will make your event one to remember.  We offer circus arts, dance, and music workshops. We can set up a circus midway with games and activities for all ages.  If your event has a parade or mobile performers, we come prepared with a marching band!!

Our highly talented cast of characters are available for solo, duet and custom performances catered to the theme or location of your event.  Birthday parties, street shows, mingling entertainment, or ambiance, our colorful crew will liven up any event!!

For more information call (707) 845-5842

the clowns


Where everyday scenes are jaw-dropping, knee slapping, double-taking, laugh out loud displays of outrageous comedy for all ages. Characters with Olympian athletic ability and sportsmanship will challenge any toddler to a wheelbarrow race. Portraying the excellent clown common sense to play charades in a time of crisis!!!


Ballet, tap, jazz, middle-eastern, swing and burlesque are just examples of what you will see with the FreeLove Dancers. Acrobatically balanced and composed with a bright smile, dancers will fill the stage and hearts of audiences worldwide with props and costumes collected from around the world.

the dancers
the jugglers


Are there magnets, invisible strings, or mirrors?! Gravity removal reminiscent of NASA’s lunar rockets, jugglers propel objects air born with agility and precision adoration and thunderous applause. Astonished audiences near you are talking about the FreeLove Circus Jugglers, or will be soon!


A musical encyclopedia of textured sound. Blues, Jazz, Classical, and old-timey standards played by the Rock-and-Roll marvel of one man, or the elephantine brass marching band. Performing original arrangements with unique instrumentation: mouth trumpet, sousaphone, slide-whistle, melodica, washboard, accordion, tuba, and kazoo. This heavenly harmonized orchestra will keep you on your toes!

the band

Produced & Directed By Shea Freelove



Shea Freelove

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