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One-man solo show:
The FreeLove Circus Show starring Shea FreeLove your friendly neighborhood circus star performer. Classic American Circus Comedy with a twist. Juggling, magic, contortionism, acrobatics, balancing and more, this clown can do it all. Straightjacket escapes, fire eating, and the human blockhead trick bring a genuine Coney-island sideshow flair to this one of a kind performance. Riddled with stand-up comedy and audience participation, the finale of the show is standing on a double-decker rolling tower of death while juggling three flaming torches!

Birthday Parties and Family Shows:
Shea FreeLove is an Intercontinental Super Clown who will amaze and astound children of all ages at your child's next birthday or family event. The half hour to hour long show includes hilarious antics such as, incredibly funny juggling impressions, any child will be able to juggle on stage with Shea FreeLove and participate in interactive storytelling. Magic, juggling, acrobatics and comedy explode in a half hour show followed by a half hour of games, balloon animals and circus acts for kids.

Parades and Festivals:
Shea FreeLove is available for roving and mingling at parades, carnivals, festivals, and events wishing to add an atmosphere of fun and excitement. If its juggling while riding a unicycle, table-hopping magic tricks, or teaching and demonstrating a circus workshop, Shea FreeLove will liven up any occasion.


Shea Freelove

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