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The FreeLove Circus has been working on several epic new projects! Best of all, we've been making videos of them!

We recently had an amazing European tour !

Better still, we made a bunch of videos of our adventures...


Bigfoot !


We've been tracking local legend Bigfoot, we've even been cataloging our adventures over here ->, OnTheTrailOfBigfoot ... the truth is out there...


An Adult Variety Show !


Xtremesideshow will wow you with with hair raising death defying feats, but don't take my word for it, ... -> Xtremesideshow


And... the show goes on!


While doing all of this other stuff, we're always staying true to our roots, old school circus with new school twists... -> FreeLoveCircus


Produced & Directed By Shea Freelove



Shea Freelove

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